Hi! I'm Thaddeus.

A little bit about me; I am a Virginia native, I attended Boston University for undergrad (Health Science and Human Physiology) during which time I competed on the Men's Rowing team. Following my time at BU I began personal training at Equinox where I began to dive into strength training and working with populations other than athletes. My knowledge and interest in strength and conditioning and its applications to overall health only deepened with internships at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's National Running Center in Cambridge and Northeastern University and University of Pennsylvania's Strength and Conditioning departments.  I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Full Member of the Buteyko Professionals International.  I currently serve as Director of Programming and Methodology at RPM Athlete Performance, and I reside in Philly where I am pursuing a Master's degree in Kinesiology at Temple and a spot on the 2020 Olympic Rowing team.

Why did I start NOTUS Training?

I began NOTUS because I believe that there is something missing in most forms of training and health management in todays world. I would be crazy to stand here and say that all the training systems out there are broken or inefficient; powerlifters are hitting bigger numbers than ever before, field athletes are running faster, jumping higher, going further than any time before. Its a great time to be involved in athletics and fitness on any level. But along with these feats of strength, speed, and power there are also increasing rates of injuries, both contact and non-contact.


Notus was the Greek god of the south wind in mythology. Since my focus centers around breathing and its effects on the systems of the body as well as its role in performance, it seemed only fitting to name this training methodology after one of the gods of wind and air.  I have been working and now researching on the post-graduate level, to better understand the role that breathing plays in performance and in health.  The goal is to help prevent or decrease the rate of injury and deliver an improved training experience that will elevate the performance and health of people at all levels of athletics and personal health. 

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