Breathing Education and Retraining

Asthma.... Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).... Rhinitis... Sleep Apnea... Snoring... Poor Sleep Quality...
If one or several of the above conditions sounds like something you, a friend, or a loved one are currently struggling with, then chances are there is a breathing disorder present.
With all of these above issues, a majority of the time they stem from some sort of dysfunctional breathing pattern such as over-breathing or mouth-breathing. When we are born, we all breath through our nose, but at some point an allergen, diet, lifestyle, stress, something comes into our environment and we begin altering the way we breath to account for that. It might be a subtle change at first but before too long someone is a perpetual mouth breather or shallow breather.  
Fortunately, since this is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned. I am trained in the Buteyko Method (for more info click here) and I use it, along with principle from PRI to help individuals correct dysfunction in their breathing patterns and allow them to obtain a level of wellness that has eluded them. If you have questions about my approach or would like to set up a consultation over Skype or in-person, please enter your information below and I will be in touch within 48 hours.
IF YOU ARE AN ATHLETE, this training can have benefits for your performance as well! Submit your information below and mention you are an athlete and your sport in the "Message" box.

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