Remote Strength and Performance Training

If you are not in Philadelphia, not a problem! Thanks to the internet, I can bring my coaching to you wherever you are in the world. I try and approach remote training the same way I approach working with someone one-on-one; assess, correct, educate, and of course, get strong! I will build out a program for you, set you up with resources to make sure everything on the program is explained and understood, and be available for questions and feedback. Your success is my success and I want you to be as invested in it as I will be.
As a remote training client, you will receive:
  • An initial movement assessment via Skype or FaceTime (whichever is easier), health questionnaire, breathing questionnaire, and lifestyle survey.
  • A monthly program, 3x week, that is built around your unique movement patterns and goals. 
  • One monthly Skype or phone consultation where we can get in depth with exercise technique, nutrition and lifestyle questions, and anything else that might improve the quality of your training.
  • Access to video and video analysis through Google Drive and CoachesEye so any questions on technique you might have during your lift, you have a resource at your fingertips to refer to in the moment.
  • Unlimited email support for any and all questions, responses in within 24 hours. 
Please remember that remote training is not for everyone, if you are someone who does better with hands-on coaching and guidance, remote training might not be the best option for you. I would suggest in that case finding a certified and knowledgeable professional in your area and working with them! But if you are interested and think this is the option for you, send me a message and we will get started!  

Private Strength and Performance Training

Currently training in Philadelphia, I am bringing my experience in strength and conditioning to individuals looking to improve their health, athletic performance, and all around sense of well-being. As a client, we will build a program that is designed for your unique goals and lifestyle.  This is will be done through an initial movement and breathing assessment that will be completed during our first meeting and two questionnaires you will be asked to complete prior to the start of our first session. This allows me to have a baseline for each of my clients from which we can measure improvement.
In addition to the one-on-one training and personalized programming, you will also receive access to a library of video and written resources, mobility and accessory strength work for days when we are not meeting, allowing there to be a continuous improvement during our time together.  You will also have unlimited email access to me for any questions you might have regarding the program or any issues you might run into with the mobility work on your own.  If you are struggling to get back into the gym, ready for a change, or looking to start the new year off on a high note, send me a message and we can get started! 
****Please note that like with any undertaking, results are not going to happen overnight, and if you are just getting back into working out or a routine, this is even more true. Keeping this in mind, I request that there is a 12 session minimum if meeting in person and a 3 month minimum with the remote training.  It takes at least one or two months to build a routine that you can stick to and by that third month it is a habit. We are building habits.****

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